2018 Colletive installation at Nid de Coucou, Colombey-les-belles
2015 February - Collective exhibition N 31.12.46 E 121.27.24 at Galerie Octave Cowbell at Metz, France.
2013 July - Land Art installation in multidisciplinary Art’s festival, in deep countyside, France.
2013 June - exhibition of the painting’s series «6 strokes» at Dongzha Art Center in Jiaxing, China.
2013 April - exhibition of an anamorphic painting installation in a market place of Anshun lu, Shanghai, China
2013 February - exhibition of collaborative painting with Mikel Béchu in the market place of Anshun lu, Shanghai, China.
2011 July - exhibition of the colaborative in-situ projet «Sokoban» at La Plomberie, Epinal, France.
2010 February - Painting exhibiton « 4x3=16 » at Totem (art space), Maxeville, France.
2008 March - Photo and ungraving exhibition at the botanic garden, Nancy, France.
2006 June - Painting exhibition at Grand Sauvoy, Maxéville, France.


2010 - Vjing improvisation with the free jazz band « Linky Toys » at Galerie Lillebonne and l’Autre Canal, Nancy, France.
2010 - « Performances Anodines » DJing and VJing at Totem, at l’Autre Canal, and at the Fine Art School of Nancy, France.
2009 - « Mots rasés » Writing and reading performance at Galerie Lillebonne, Nancy, France.


2018 - Curatoria of young bachelors exhibition of ENSAD (Fine Art school) Nancy
2012 January - artist assistant of Wim Starkenburg for Sol Lewitt retrospective at Centre Pompidou Metz, France.
2007 to 2009 - Weekly artistic’s workshop with kids.
2006 - Artistic director of the contempoary dancing company Amnesia.


2013 - Rresidence at Xiyitang Ecole Offshore, Shanghai, China.
2011 - Master 1 Philosophy of «Art and Science» at University Nancy 2, France.
2010 - DNSEP (Master 2 Art diploma) with congratulation of the jury, Fine Art school of Nancy (ENSA), France.
2009 - Erasmus at Fine Art School of München, Germany.
2008 - DNAP (Liscence Art diploma) with congratulation of the jury, Fine Art school of Nancy (ENSA), France.
2004 - Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Management, Nancy, France.